Canon SD100 User Manual (en)

Basic Functions
To turn the power off
Press the ON/OFF button again.
• If the “Card locked!” message appears right after the power is 
turned on, the SD card cannot record (p. 25).
• The Date/Time menu will appear the first time the camera power is 
turned on or whenever the built-in rechargeable lithium battery 
charge is low. Reset the date and time when this occurs (p. 28).
• If the Auto Power Down function activates, press the ON/OFF button 
to restore power.
• The start-up sound will sound and the start-up image will display in 
the LCD monitor when the power is turned on. (To change the start-
up sound and image, see pp. 33, 53, 158)
• The start-up image does not display when the LCD monitor is turned 
off in shooting mode or when the camera is connected to a TV via 
the A/V OUT terminal.
Turning the Power On/Off
Press the ON/OFF button until the 
power lamp lights green.
• The lens extends when the mode switch is 
set to 
• The lens retracts approximately 1 minute 
after setting the mode switch from 
• When the mode switch is set to 
, the LCD monitor turns on. (When the 
mode switch is set to 
, the upper 
indicator beside the viewfinder blinks 
Power Lamp