Canon SD100 User Manual (en)

Your camera is equipped with an Intelligent Orientation sensor that detects 
the orientation of an image shot with the camera held vertically and 
automatically rotates it to the correct viewing orientation in the display. You 
can set this function on/off.
• When the camera is held vertically to shoot, the Intelligent 
Orientation sensor judges the upper end to be “up” and the lower 
end to be “down.” It then regulates the optional white balance, 
exposure and focus for vertical photography. This function operates 
regardless of the On/Off status of the Auto Rotate function.
• When changing the camera’s orientation between the horizontal and 
vertical positions, you may hear noise coming from the orientation 
detection mechanism. This is not a malfunction.
• This function may not operate correctly when the camera is pointed 
straight up or down. Check that the arrow 
 is pointing in the right 
direction and if it is not, then set the Auto Rotate function to [Off].
• Even if the Auto Rotate function is set to [On], the orientation of 
images downloaded to a computer will depend upon the software 
used to download the images.
Setting the Auto Rotate Function
In the 
 (Set up) menu, select 
See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 44).
Use the 
 button to select [On] 
and press the MENU button.
• The display will return to the Rec. screen.
• When the Auto Rotate function is set to 
[On] and the LCD monitor is set to the 
detailed display mode, the 
 icon (right end is down) or 
 icon (left end is down) will appear in 
the upper right of the display.