Canon A1000ISG User Manual (en)

You Think There is a Problem
Shooting movies
Eyes appear red.
Set [Red-Eye Lamp] to [On]. This is effective if the subject looks right at the red-eye 
reduction lamp. Even better results can be obtained by increasing the lighting in 
indoor settings or approaching closer to the subject. The shutter will not close for 
approx. 1 second when the lamp lights (p. 23). 
You can set the [Red-Eye Corr.] to [On] to automatically correct red-eye while 
shooting. You can also make corrections after the image is taken, using [Red-Eye 
Correction] (pp. 105, 122).
Image seen in the viewfinder and the recorded image are slightly different. 
You can check the actual image size on the screen (p. 45). If you use Macro mode, 
the difference is even stronger. Use the screen to compose the image.
Recording images to the memory card takes a long time, or continuous 
shooting slows down.
Low-level formatting the memory card in the camera may solve the problem (p. 50). 
Cannot set shooting functions or Func. menu settings 
Depending on the shooting mode, available functions vary. Refer to the Functions 
Available in Each Shooting Mode section (p. 134). 
Recording time does not display correctly or shooting stops unexpectedly.
Format the memory card in the camera, or use a memory card capable of recording 
at high speeds. Even if the recording time is not displayed correctly, the movie will be 
recorded correctly on the memory card (pp. 29, 49). 
< ! > displayed on the screen, and shooting ended automatically.
Camera's internal memory was insufficient. Try one of the following measures.
Low-level format the memory card in the camera (p. 50). 
Lower the number of recording pixels (p. 90). 
Use a memory card capable of recording at high speeds.
 Zoom does not operate.
Zoom before shooting movies. In 
 mode, you can also use the digital zoom 
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