Canon A1100ISPKIT User Manual (en)

List of Messages that Appear on the Screen
Cannot complete!
Print settings or transfer settings could not be saved correctly. Reduce the 
number of settings and try again (p. 102).
Naming error!
The file name could not be created because there is an image with the same 
name as the folder that the camera is attempting to create, or the highest 
possible file number has already been reached (p. 107). In the 
3 menu, change 
[Image Number] to [Auto reset] (p. 107) or format the memory card (p. 49).
Communication error
 Images could not be transferred to the computer or printed due to the large 
amount of images (approx. 1000) stored on the memory card. Use a 
commercially available USB card reader to transfer the images to the computer. 
To print, insert the card into the printer’s card slot.
Lens error, restart camera
A lens error was detected. Press the power button to turn the camera off and 
back on (p. 40). If this error message continues to display, contact your Canon 
Customer Support Help Desk as there may be a problem with the lens.
This error can occur if you hold the lens while it is in motion or when using it in a 
location with excessive dust or sand in the air.
Exx (xx: number)
A camera error was detected. Press the power button to turn the camera off and 
back on (p. 40).
If an error code displays directly after taking a picture, the shot may not have 
been recorded. Check image in playback mode.
If this error code reappears, note the number and contact your Canon Customer 
Support Help Desk as there may be a problem with the camera.