Canon A2400ISBLUE User Manual (en)

If an error message is displayed, respond as follows.
No memory card
The memory card may be inserted facing the wrong way. Reinsert the memory card 
facing the correct way (p. 20).
Memory card locked
The write-protect tab of the SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card is set to the locked position. 
Switch the write-protect tab to the unlocked position (p. 20).
Cannot record!
Shooting was attempted without a memory card in the camera. To shoot, insert a 
memory card facing the correct way (p. 20).
Memory card error (p. 127)
If the same error message is displayed even when you have inserted a formatted 
memory card facing the correct way, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk 
(p. 20).
Insufficient space on card
There is not enough free space on the memory card to shoot (pp. 47, 67, 83) or edit 
images (pp. 118 – 120). Either erase unneeded images (p. 116) or insert a memory 
card with enough free space (see “Specifications” in the Getting Started guide).
Change the battery pack. (p. 17)/Change the batteries (p. 19)
No Image.
The memory card does not contain any images that can be displayed.
Protected! (p. 115)
Unidentified Image/Incompatible JPEG/Image too large./Cannot play back 
It may not be possible to display images that were edited or renamed on a computer, 
or images shot with another camera.
Cannot magnify!/Cannot rotate/Cannot modify image/Cannot register this 
image!/Cannot modify/Cannot assign to category/Unselectable image.
The following functions may be unavailable for images that were renamed or already 
edited on a computer, or images shot with another camera. Note that starred (*) 
functions are not available for movies.
Magnify* (p. 113), Rotate (p. 117), Edit* (pp. 118 – 120), Print List* (p. 148), and 
Photobook Set-up* (p. 152)
Exceeded selection limit
More than 998 images were selected for Print List (p. 148). Choose 998 images or less.
On-Screen Messages