Canon ELAN 7N 33V User Manual (en)

C.Fn-08 Partial metering linkage with AF point/FE lock
Partial metering and FE lock can be linked to the selected AF point.
Effective for composing the shot.
0 : Disabled (Partial metering/FE lock linked to center AF point)
1 : Enabled
C.Fn-09 Flash sync speed in Av mode
0 : Auto
1 : 1/125 sec. (fixed)
When you use flash in the aperture-priority mode (Av), the flash
sync speed will be fixed at 1/125 sec. This prevents the camera
from setting a slow sync speed in low-light conditions.
C.Fn-10 Superimposed display for focus confirmation
0 : On
1 : Off
Disables the AF point from flashing in red when it achieves focus.
When the AF point is selected, it will still flash in red.
C.Fn-11 AF point selection method
0 : <3> button + <h>
1 : Select AF point manually with <
h> or select automatically
with <3>
While the metering is active (0), you can manually select the AF
point with the <h> button. Convenient if you have to change the
AF point often or if you want to change the AF point in the AI
SERVO AF mode.
2 : <3> button + <l> <u>
After you press the <3> button, turn the <l> or <u> dial to
select the AF point. Turn the <l> dial to select a horizontal AF
point or turn the <u> dial to select a vertical AF point.