Canon 5131B001 User Manual (en)

Safety Precautions
Turn the camera off in places where camera use is prohibited.
The electromagnetic waves emitted by the camera may interfere with the operation of 
electronic instruments and other devices. Exercise adequate caution when using the 
camera in places where use of electronic devices is restricted, such as inside airplanes 
and medical facilities.
Do not play the supplied CD-ROM(s) in any CD player that does not support data 
It is possible to suffer hearing loss from listening with headphones to the loud sounds of 
a CD-ROM played on a music CD player. Additionally, playing the CD-ROM(s) in an audio 
CD player (music player) could damage the speakers.
Denotes the possibility of injury.
Be careful not to bang the camera or subject it to strong impacts or shocks when 
hanging it by the strap.
Be careful not to bump or push strongly on the lens.
This could lead to injury or damage the camera.
When using the flash, be careful not to cover it with your fingers or clothing.
This could result in burns or damage to the flash.
Avoid using, placing or storing the product in the following places:
- Places subject to strong sunlight
- Places subject to temperatures above 40 °C (104 °F)
- Humid or dusty areas
These could cause leakage, overheating or an explosion of the battery, resulting in 
electrical shock, fire, burns or other injuries.
High temperatures may cause deformation of the camera or battery charger casing.
The slideshow transition effects may cause discomfort when viewed for 
prolonged periods.
Denotes the possibility of damage to the equipment.
Do not aim the camera at bright light sources (such as the sun on a clear day).
Doing so may damage the image sensor.
When using the camera on a beach or at a windy location, be careful not to allow 
dust or sand to enter the camera.
This may cause the product to malfunction.
In regular use, small amounts of smoke may be emitted from the flash.
This is due to the high intensity of the flash burning dust and foreign materials stuck to the 
front of the unit. Please use a cotton swab to remove dirt, dust or other foreign matter from 
the flash to prevent heat build-up and damage to the unit.