Canon 5131B001 User Manual (en)

Before using an Eye-Fi card, be sure to check whether Eye-Fi card use is 
authorized in the country or territory of use (p. 17).
When you put a prepared Eye-Fi card into the camera, you can automatically 
transfer your images wirelessly to a computer, or upload them to a web 
Image transfer is a function of the Eye-Fi card. For details on how to setup 
and use the card, and concerning problems transferring images, please refer 
to the Eye-Fi card user guide, or contact the manufacturer.
If you put an Eye-Fi card into the camera, the connection status can be 
checked in the shooting screen (information display) and playback screen 
(simple information display).
 will appear on transferred images.
Please keep the following things in mind when using an Eye-Fi card.
Even if you set [Eye-Fi trans.] to [Disable] (p. 180), the Eye-Fi card may transmit 
radio waves. Be sure to remove the Eye-Fi card from the camera before 
entering areas that prevent unauthorized transmission of radio waves, such as 
hospitals and airplanes.
If you have trouble transferring images, check the card or computer settings.
For details, refer to the user guide supplied with the card.
Depending on the connection status of the wireless network, it may take time to 
transfer images, or image transfer may be interrupted.
Due to its transfer function, the Eye-Fi card may become hot.
Battery consumption will be quicker than in normal use.
Camera operations will be slower than in normal use. This may be resolved by 
setting [Eye-Fi trans.] to [Disable].
Not connected
 (Flashing white)
Transfer standby
Error retrieving Eye-Fi card info (Turn the camera off and on 
again. If this continues to appear, there may be a problem with 
the card.) 
Using an Eye-Fi Card