Canon 5131B001 User Manual (en)

List of Messages That Appear on the Screen
Cannot transfer images to a computer.
It may be possible to solve the problem when the camera is connected to a computer via 
cable by reducing the transfer speed.
Turn off the camera. Keep the shutter button pressed fully and move the zoom lever 
i, then press the 1 button. Now move the zoom lever toward j. Touch [B] 
in the screen that appears, then touch it again.
Eye-Fi Card
Cannot transfer images (p. 179).
If error messages appear on the screen, try one of the following solutions.
No memory card
The memory card is not installed in the correct direction. Install the memory card in the 
correct direction (p. 18).
Memory card locked
The SD memory card, SDHC memory card, SDXC memory card or Eye-Fi card’s write 
protect tab is set to “LOCK”. Unlock the write protect tab (p. 17).
Cannot record!
You attempted to shoot an image without a memory card. Install the memory card in the 
correct direction to shoot (p. 18).
Memory card error (p. 165)
If the same message appears even when a formatted memory card is installed in the 
correct direction, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk (p. 18).
Insufficient space on card
Touch AF unavailable
Touch AF cannot be used in your current Shooting mode (p. 192).
You are touching the upper right part of the screen (p. 13). Only touch the location 
where you want to use Touch AF.
Touch AF canceled
List of Messages That Appear on the