Canon 5131B001 User Manual (en)

List of Messages That Appear on the Screen
Change the battery pack. (p. 17)
No Image.
There are no images recorded on the memory card that can be displayed.
Protected! (p. 137)
Unidentified Image/Incompatible JPEG/Image too large./Cannot play back 
Unsupported images, or images with corrupted data cannot be displayed.
Images manipulated on a computer, that have had their file name changed, or have 
been taken with a different camera may not display.
Cannot magnify!/Cannot play back this content in Smart Shuffle/Cannot 
rotate/Cannot modify image/Cannot register this image!/Cannot modify/
Cannot assign to category/Unselectable image.
Incompatible images cannot be magnified (p. 127), played back in Smart Shuffle 
(p. 130), tagged as favorites (p. 141), rotated (p. 144), edited (pp. 145 – 150), 
registered to the start-up screen (p. 166), categorized (p. 143), or added to a print list 
(p. 159).
Grouped images cannot be processed (p. 80).
Images manipulated on a computer, that have had their file name changed, or have 
been taken with a different camera may not be magnified, played back in Smart Shuffle, 
tagged as favorites, rotated, edited, registered to the start-up screen, categorized, or 
added to a print list.
Exceeded selection limit
You chose more than 998 images in print settings. Choose less than 998 images 
(p. 161).
Print settings could not be saved correctly. Reduce the number of selected images and 
try again (p. 161).
Communication error
Images could not be transferred to the computer or printed due to the large amount of 
images (approx. 1000) stored on the memory card. Use a commercially available USB 
card reader to transfer the images. Insert the memory card into the printer’s card slot to 
Naming error!
The folder or image could not be created because there is an image with the same file 
name as the folder or image that the camera is attempting to create, or the highest 
possible file number has already been reached. In the 
3 menu, change [File