Canon 5131B001 User Manual (en)

Taking Pictures (Smart Auto)
What if white and gray frames appear when you point the camera toward 
a subject?
A white frame appears on the face or subject that the camera detected as the 
main subject, while gray frames appear on other detected faces. The frames will 
follow the subjects within a certain range.
If the subject moves, however, the gray frames will disappear, leaving only the 
white frame.
What if a frame does not appear on the subject you want to shoot?
The subject may not be detected, and frames may appear on the background. 
If this happens, try shooting in 
G mode (p. 83).
What if a blue frame appears when you press the shutter button halfway?
A blue frame appears when a moving subject is detected; the focus and 
exposure will continuously adjust (Servo AF).
What if a flashing 
Attach the camera to a tripod so that the camera does not move and blur the 
What if the image comes out dark even if the flash fired when shooting?
The subject is too far away for the flash to reach. The effective flash range is 
approximately 50 cm – 5.0 m (1.6 – 16 ft.) at maximum wide angle (
j), and 
approximately 50 cm – 2.0 m (1.6 – 6.6 ft.) at maximum telephoto (
What if the camera beeps once when the shutter button is pressed halfway?
Your subject may be too close. When the camera is at maximum wide angle 
j), move about 3 cm (1.2 in.) or more away from your subject and shoot. 
Move about 40 cm (1.3 ft.) or more away when the camera is at maximum 
telephoto (
What if the lamp lights when the shutter button is pressed halfway?
To reduce red-eye and to assist in focusing, the lamp may light when shooting 
in dark areas.
What if the 
h icon blinks when you try to shoot?
The flash is charging. You can shoot when recharging ends.
What if 
 appears when the shutter button is pressed halfway?
When you press the shutter button halfway in extremely bright shooting 
 will appear and the brightness will automatically adjust to 
appropriate levels.
What if an icon appears in the upper left of the screen?
The icon for the determined scene will appear in the upper left of the screen. For 
details on the icons that appear, see “Scene Icons” (p. 188).