Canon 5131B001 User Manual (en)

You can change the AF (Auto Focus) frame mode to match the scene you 
want to shoot.
Choose [AF Frame].
ø, then n to choose the 
4 tab. Touch [AF Frame], then touch qr 
to choose an option.
Face AiAF
Detects people’s faces and sets the focus, exposure (evaluative metering 
only) and white balance (
When the camera is pointed at subjects, a white frame appears on the face 
the camera judges to be the main subject, and gray frames (max. 2) will 
appear on other faces.
A frame will follow a moving subject within a certain range.
When the shutter button is pressed halfway, up to 9 green frames will 
appear on faces that the camera focuses on.
Changing the AF Frame Mode
If a face is not detected and only gray frames (no white frame) appear, up 
to 9 green frames will appear on the areas the camera focuses on when 
the shutter button is pressed halfway.
If a face is not detected when Servo AF (p. 100) is set to [On], the AF 
frame will appear in the center of the screen when you press the shutter 
button halfway.
Examples of faces that cannot be detected:
Subjects that are far away or extremely close
Subjects that are dark or light
Faces turned to the side or at an angle, or faces with a portion hidden
The camera may mistakenly identify non-human subjects as a face.
If the camera cannot focus when you press the shutter button halfway, 
the AF frame will not appear.