Canon 0140C001 User Manual (en)

Before Use
Basic Guide
Advanced Guide
Camera Basics
Auto Mode
Other Shooting 
P Mode
Playback Mode
Setting Menu
Part Names and Conventions in This Guide
  Zoom lever
Shooting:   <
i (telephoto)> /  
j (wide angle)>
Playback:   <
k (magnify)> /  
g (index)>
  Shutter button
  Power button
  Tripod socket
  Memory card/battery cover
  Strap mount
Shooting modes and on-screen icons and text are indicated in brackets.
: Important information you should know
: Notes and tips for expert camera use
: Pages with related information (in this example, “xx” represents a 
page number)
Instructions in this guide apply to the camera under default settings.
For convenience, all supported memory cards are simply referred to as 
the “memory card”.
The tabs shown above titles indicate whether the function is used for still 
images, movies, or both.
Still Images
:  Indicates that the function is used when shooting or 
viewing still images.
:  Indicates that the function is used when shooting or 
viewing movies.
  Screen (LCD monitor)
  AV OUT (Audio/video output) / 
DIGITAL terminal
1 (Playback)> button
A (Auto)> / <a (Single-image 
erase)> / Up button
> / Left button
 <  (Help)> button
  Movie button
  FUNC./SET button
h (Flash)> / Right button
l (Display)> / Down button
n> button
  DC coupler cable port
In this guide, icons are used to represent the corresponding camera 
buttons on which they appear, or which they resemble.
The following camera buttons and controls are represented by icons.
o> Up button   on back
r> Right button   on back
Left button   on back
p> Down button   on back
The following icons are used to indicate functions that differ depending 
on the camera model:
IXUS 170
:  Functions and precautions for the PowerShot 
ELPH 170 IS/IXUS 170 only
IXUS 165
 Functions and precautions for the IXUS 165 only
ELPH 160
IXUS 160
:  Functions and precautions for the PowerShot 
ELPH 160/IXUS 160 only
This guide uses PowerShot ELPH 170 IS/IXUS 170 illustrations and 
screenshots for all explanations.