Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Using the Camera with a Computer
Shooting with an Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card loaded in the camera makes it 
possible to transfer image data automatically to a computer via wireless LAN.
Configure LAN access point, transfer destination and other settings for 
the Eye-Fi card in accordance with the instructions that come with the 
Eye-Fi card.
After configuring settings, load the Eye-Fi card into the camera and 
Images you record are sent by wireless LAN to your computer, etc.
• For full details, see the user documentation that comes with the Eye-Fi card.
• Before formatting a new Eye-Fi card to use it for the first time, copy the Eye-Fi 
Manager install files to your computer. Do this before formatting the card.
• Recorded images are transferred over wireless LAN. Do not use the Eye-Fi card or 
turn off Eye-Fi card communication (page 109) when on an aircraft or in any other 
location where use of wireless communication is limited or prohibited.
• Loading an Eye-Fi card will cause the Eye-Fi indicator 
appear on the monitor screen. Its transparent or not transparent 
appearance indicates the communication status as shown below.
• A communication icon 
 will appear on the monitor screen while image data 
transfer is in progress.
• The camera’s Auto Power Off (page 114) function is disabled while image data 
transfer is in progress.
• A confirmation message will appear on the monitor screen if you try to turn off the 
camera while image data transfer is in progress. Follow the instructions in the 
messages (page 140).
• Transfer of a large number of images can take some time to complete.
• The original images remain on the Eye-Fi card after the image data transfer.
• Recording a movie to an Eye-Fi card may result in movie frames being dropped.
• Proper Eye-Fi card data communication may not be possible due to camera 
settings, battery level, or operating conditions.
Using an Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card to Transfer Images 
Access point cannot be found or no transferable 
image data exists.
Not transparent Image transfer in progress