Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Using the Camera with a Computer
The camera creates a file and saves it each time you shoot a snapshot, record a 
movie, or perform any other operation that stores data. Files are grouped by storing 
them in folders. Each file and folder has its own unique name.
• For details about how folders are organized in memory, see “Memory Folder 
• You can view folder and file names on your computer. For details about how file 
names are displayed on the camera’s monitor screen, see page 12.
• The total number of folders and files allowed depends on the image size and 
quality, and capacity of the memory card being used for storage.
Files and Folders
Name and Maximum Number Allowed
Each folder can contain up to 9999 files named 
CIMG0001 through CIMG9999. The extension 
on the file name depends on the file type.
26th file name:
Folders are named from 100CASIO to 
There can be up to 900 folders in memory.
• The BEST SHOT (page 52) includes a 
sample scene that optimizes settings for 
auction site images. Depending on your 
camera model, the sample scene is named 
either “For eBay” or “Auction”.
– Images recorded with the eBay scene are 
stored in a folder named “100_EBAY”.
– Images recorded with the Auction scene 
are stored in a folder named “100_AUCT”.
• BEST SHOT also has a scene named “For 
YouTube” that optimizes movie settings for 
recording movies for upload to YouTube. 
Images recorded with the YouTube scene 
are stored in a folder named “100YOUTB”. 
100th folder name:
Serial number (4 digits)
Serial number (3 digits)