Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Other Settings (Set Up)
[MENU] * Set Up Tab * P Display
The PLAY mode screen layout settings let you select how display images are shown 
on the monitor screen.
[MENU] * Set Up Tab * Menu Color
You can select from among six different colors for the menu screen. You also can 
specify the text color and the background design.
• This setting does not affect the text color or background of the easy menu screen 
and World Time screen. Also, the BEST SHOT scene menu and scene explanation 
screens are unaffected by this setting.
Selecting a PLAY Mode Screen Layout (P Display)
With this setting, the display image is the 
maximum possible size that allows the entire 
image to be displayed horizontally. With some 
aspect ratios, the top and bottom of the image 
will be cut off.
100% of the display image is always visible. 
With some aspect ratios, black bands may 
appear above and below, or to the left and right 
of the image.
Changing the Menu Screen Color (Menu Color)