Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Other Settings (Set Up)
[MENU] * Set Up Tab * Startup
Display the image you want to use as your startup image and then select “On”.
• The startup image does not appear when you turn on the camera by pressing [p] 
• You can specify a snapshot you recorded as the startup image, or you can use the 
special startup image provided in the camera’s built-in memory.
• If you select an audio snapshot as the startup image, the audio will not play at 
• Formatting built-in memory (page 117) will delete the current startup image setting.
[MENU] * Set Up Tab * File No.
Use the following procedure to specify the rule that governs generation of the serial 
number used in file names (page 104).
Configuring a Startup Image (Startup)
Specifying the File Name Serial Number Generation Rule 
(File No.)
Tells the camera to remember the last used file number. A new file will 
be named using the next sequential number, even if files are deleted or 
if a blank memory card is loaded. If a memory card is loaded and that 
card already has files stored on it and the largest sequential number in 
the existing file names is greater than the largest sequential number 
remembered by the camera, numbering of new files will start from the 
largest sequential number in the existing file names plus 1.
Restarts the serial number from 0001 whenever all files are deleted or 
when the memory card is replaced with a blank one. If a memory card 
is loaded and that card already has files stored on it, numbering of new 
files will start from the largest sequential number in the existing file 
names number plus 1.