Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Other Settings (Set Up)
[MENU] * Set Up Tab * Format
If a memory card is loaded in the camera, this operation will format the memory card. 
It will format built-in memory if no memory card is loaded.
• The format operation will delete all contents on the memory card or in built-in 
memory. It cannot be undone. Make sure you do not need any data currently on 
the card or in built-in memory before you format it.
• Formatting built-in memory will delete the following data.
– Protected images
• Formatting a memory card will delete the following data.
– Protected images
• Make sure the camera’s battery is sufficiently charged before starting a formatting 
operation. Formatting may not be performed correctly and the camera may stop 
operating normally if the camera powers down while formatting is in progress.
• Never open the battery cover while formatting is in progress. Doing so can cause 
the camera to stop operating normally.
[MENU] * Set Up Tab * Reset
See page 133 for details about the camera’s factory default settings.
The settings below are not reset.
World Time settings, clock settings, date style, screen language, video output
Formatting Built-in Memory or a Memory Card (Format)
Resetting the Camera to Factory Defaults (Reset)