Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

• Should you ever notice leakage, strange odor, heat generation, discoloration, 
deformation, or any other abnormal condition while using, charging, or storing a 
battery, immediately remove it from the camera or charger unit and keep it away 
from open flame.
• Do not use or leave the battery under direct sunlight, in an automobile parked in the 
sun, or in any other area subject to high temperatures. Doing so can damage the 
battery, and cause deterioration of its performance and loss of service life.
• If battery charging does not end normally within the specified charging time, stop 
charging anyway and contact your local CASIO authorized service center. 
Continued charging creates the risk of battery overheating, fire, and explosion.
• Battery fluid can damage your eyes. Should battery fluid get into your eyes 
accidentally, immediately rinse them with clean tap water and then consult a 
• Be sure to read the user documentation that comes with the camera and special 
charger unit before using or charging the battery.
• If a battery is to be used by young children, make sure that a responsible adult 
makes them aware of the precautions and proper handling instructions, and make 
sure that they handle the battery correctly.
• Should fluid from a battery accidentally get onto clothing or your skin, immediately 
rinse it off with clean tap water. Prolonged contact with battery fluid can cause skin 
Battery Life
• Battery continuous operation times provided in this manual represent the 
approximate amount of time before the camera turns off due to low battery power 
when being powered by the special battery under normal temperature (23°C 
(73°F)). They do not guarantee that you will be able to achieve the indicated level 
of operation. Actual battery life is greatly affected by ambient temperature, battery 
storage conditions, the amount of time spent in storage, etc.
• Leaving the camera on can run down the battery and cause the low battery 
warning to appear. Turn off the camera whenever you are not using it.
• The low battery warning indicates that the camera is about to turn off due to low 
battery power. Charge the battery as soon as possible. Leaving a low or dead 
battery in the camera can lead to battery leakage and data corruption.