Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

If the [CHARGE] lamp flashes red...
• Charging cannot be performed because ambient temperature or the temperature of 
the charger is too hot or too cold. Leave the camera in a location whose 
temperature is within the range where charging can be performed. When the 
camera returns to a temperature where charging can be performed, the [CHARGE] 
lamp will light red.
• Check if the charger and battery contacts are dirty. If contacts are dirty, wipe them 
clean with a dry cloth.
Open the battery cover and 
remove the current battery.
With the monitor screen side of the 
camera facing upwards, slide the 
stopper in the direction indicated by 
the arrow in the illustration. After the 
battery pops out, pull it the rest of the 
way out of the camera.
Load a new battery.
Power Supply
If problems continue to occur after you perform the above steps, it could mean that 
the battery is faulty. Contact your nearest CASIO authorized service center.
To replace the battery