Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

See page 21 for information about supported memory cards and how to load a 
memory card.
Press the memory card and then release it. This will 
cause it to pop out of the memory card slot slightly. 
Pull the card out the rest of the way and then insert 
another one.
• Never remove a card from the camera while the 
back lamp is flashing green. Doing so can cause 
the image save operation to fail and even damage 
the memory card.
Using a Memory Card
• SD memory cards and SDHC memory cards have a 
write protect switch. Use the switch when you need to 
guard against accidentally deleting data. Note, 
however, if you write protect an SD memory card you 
must then turn write protection off whenever you want 
to record to it, format it, or delete any of its images.
• If a memory card starts to behave abnormally during 
image playback, you can restore normal operation by reformatting it (page 117). 
However, it is recommended that you always take along multiple memory cards 
whenever using the camera far away from the home or office.
• As you record data to and delete data from a memory card a number of times, it 
loses its ability to retain data. Because of this, periodic re-formatting of a memory 
card is recommended.
• Electrostatic charge, electrical noise, and other phenomena can cause data to 
become corrupted or even lost. Make sure that you always back up important data 
on other media (CD-R, CD-RW, hard disk, etc.)
Using a Memory Card
To replace the memory card
Write enabled
Write disabled