Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Memory Card Handling Precautions
Certain types of cards can slow down processing speeds. In particular, you may 
experience problems saving high-quality (WIDE) movies. Use of certain types of 
memory cards increase the time it takes to record movies, which can cause movie 
frames to be lost. This condition is indicated by » and Y flashing on the monitor 
screen. Use of a memory card with a maximum transfer speed of at least 10MB per 
second is recommended.
Discarding or Transferring Ownership of a Memory Card or the 
The format and delete functions of this camera just modify file management 
information of memory card and/or camera main memory. They do not actually 
modify the data itself. Note that management of your data is entirely your 
responsibility. To ensure data security, the following actions are recommended 
whenever you discard or transfer ownership of a memory card or the camera.
• When discarding a memory card and/or the camera, either physically destroy them 
or completely wipe out all of their data using commercially available software, etc.
• When transferring ownership of a memory card and/or the camera, completely 
wipe out all of their data using commercially available software, etc., and then use 
the camera’s format function to format the memory card and/or camera main