Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Display Messages
The camera’s protection function may have activated 
because camera temperature is too high. Turn off the camera 
and wait until it cools down before trying to use it again.
Battery is low.
Battery power is low.
There is something wrong with the memory card. Turn off the 
camera, remove the memory card and then reload it into the 
camera. If this message re-appears when you turn the 
camera back on, format the memory card (page 
• Formatting a memory card deletes all its files. Before 
formatting, try transferring recoverable files to a computer 
or some other storage device.
You are attempting to connect the camera to a printer while 
the camera’s USB settings are not compatible with the USB 
system of the printer (page 
Files could not be 
saved because 
battery is low.
Battery power is low, so an image file could not be saved. 
Folder cannot be 
You are trying to record a file while there are already 9999 
files stored in the 999th folder. If you want to record more, 
delete files you no longer need (page 29).
Images are being 
Stop transfer and 
turn off power?
You are attempting to turn off power while image data is being 
transferred using the Eye-Fi card (page 103). 
This message appears and the camera turns off whenever 
lens performs some unexpected operation. If the same 
message appears after you turn power back on, contact a 
CASIO authorized service center or your original retailer.
Load paper!
The printer ran out of paper while printing.
Memory Full
Memory is full with images you recorded and/or files saved by 
editing operations. Delete files you no longer need (page 29).
Printing Error
An error occurred while printing.
• The printer is turned off.
• The printer generated an error, etc.
Record Error
Image compression could not be performed for some reason 
during image data storage. Shoot the image again.