Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
Tips for Best Face Detection Results
• The camera performs center focus if it cannot detect a face.
• Always make sure that Auto Focus (AF) is selected as the focus mode when 
shooting with face detection.
• Face detection may take a bit longer when you hold the camera sideways.
• Detection of the following types of faces is not supported.
– Face that is obstructed by hair, sunglasses, a hat, etc., or a face in dark shade
– A profile or a face that is at an angle
– A face that is very far away and small, or very close and large
– A face in an area that is very dark
– The face of a pet or some other non-human subject
• Face detection cannot be used in combination with any of the following features.
– Some BEST SHOT scenes (For YouTube, Voice Recording)
– easy Mode
– Movie Recording
• The following functions are disabled when shooting with face detection.
– Multi AF