Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Recording Movie Images and Audio
• Spending a long time using movie recording will cause the camera to become 
slightly warm to the touch. This is normal and does not indicate malfunction.
• The camera also records audio. Note the following points when shooting a movie.
– Take care that the microphone is not blocked by your 
fingers, etc.
– Good recording results are not possible when the camera 
is too far away from what you are trying to record.
– Operating camera buttons while shooting can cause 
button noise to be picked up in the audio.
• Shooting a very bright subject can cause a vertical band to 
appear in the monitor screen image. This does not indicate 
malfunction. The band will not be recorded in a snapshot, 
but will be recorded in the case of a movie.
• Use of certain types of memory cards increase the time it takes to record movies, 
which can cause movie frames to be lost. This condition is indicated by » and Y 
flashing on the monitor screen. To avoid loss of movie frames, use of a memory 
card with a maximum transfer speed of at least 10MB per second is recommended 
(page 131).
• Only digital zoom can be used for zooming during movie recording. Since optical 
zoom is not possible while recording a movie, zoom as required before pressing 
[0] to start recording.
• The effects of camera movement in an image become more pronounced when you 
shoot close up or with a large zoom factor. Because of this, use of a tripod is 
recommended under these conditions.
• Auto Focus and Macro Focus become fixed focus while shooting a movie (page