Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

BEST SHOT Precautions
• Some scenes like Night Scene and Fireworks result in a slow shutter speed setting. 
Since a slow shutter speed increases the chance of digital noise in the image, the 
camera automatically performs a digital noise reduction process when either of 
these scenes is selected. This means that it will take a bit longer for the image to 
be saved which is indicated by the back lamp flashing green. Do not perform any 
key operation during that time. Also, it is a good idea to use a tripod to avoid image 
blur due to camera movement when shooting at slow shutter speeds.
• Your camera includes a sample scene that optimizes settings for auction site 
images. Depending on your camera model, the sample scene is named either “For 
eBay” or “Auction”. Images you record using the auction site sample scene are 
stored in a special folder so you can easily find them on your computer (page 105).
• High Sensitivity
– The high sensitivity setting is disabled whenever the camera’s flash fires.
– High sensitivity may not produce the desired results in very dark conditions.
– When shooting with slow shutter speeds, use a tripod to protect against blurring 
due to camera movement.
– Under certain lighting conditions, the camera will perform an automatic noise 
filtering operation to reduce digital noise in the image. This operation causes the 
camera to take longer than normal to save the image and be ready for the next 
• BEST SHOT scene images were not shot using this camera.
• Images shot using a BEST SHOT scene may not produce the results you expected 
due to shooting conditions and other factors.
• You can modify the camera settings that are made after you select a BEST SHOT 
scene. Note, however, that the BEST SHOT settings revert to their defaults when 
you select another BEST SHOT scene or turn off the camera.