Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Advanced Settings
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * CS
While Continuous Shutter is turned on, images are continually recorded until memory 
becomes full, as long as you keep the shutter button depressed.
Releasing the shutter button stops shooting.
• With continuous shutter, exposure and focus for the first image are applied for 
successive images as well.
• Continuous shutter cannot be used in combination with any of the following.
– Some BEST SHOT scenes (For YouTube, Voice Recording)
– easy Mode
– Movie Recording
• When using a continuous shutter mode, keep the camera still until all recording is 
• The continuous shutter rate depends on the current image size and image quality 
• The speed of Continuous Shutter depends on the type of memory card loaded in 
the camera and the amount of free space available for storage. When shooting to 
built-in memory, continuous shutter shooting is relatively slow.
• You cannot use the self-timer in combination with Continuous Shutter.
Using Continuous Shutter (CS)