Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Advanced Settings
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * Digital Zoom
You can use this setting to turn digital zoom on or off. When digital zoom is turned off, 
operating the zoom controller zooms the image with optical zoom only.
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * Review
While Review is turned on, the camera will display a image for about one second 
immediately after you press the shutter button to record it.
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * Icon Help
While Icon Help is turned on, a textual description will appear on the display for 
certain icons when you switch between REC functions.
Functions Supported by Icon Help
• REC Mode, Flash, Metering Mode, White Balance, Self-timer, EV Shift
Turning Digital Zoom On or Off (Digital Zoom)
Turning on Image Review (Review)
Using Icon Help (Icon Help)