Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Using the Camera with a Computer
Turn off the camera and 
then use the USB cable that 
comes with the camera to 
connect it to your 
• The camera does not draw 
power over the USB cable. 
Make sure the camera’s 
battery is sufficiently charged 
before connecting.
• Make sure that you insert the 
cable connector into the 
USB/AV port until you feel it 
click securely into place. 
Failure to insert the 
connector fully can result in 
poor communication or 
• Note that even while the 
connector is fully inserted, you still will be able to see 
the metal part of the connector as shown in the 
• When connecting the USB cable to a USB port, make 
sure you align the connector correctly with the port.
• Your computer may not be able to recognize the camera if you connect via a 
USB hub. Always connect directly to the computer’s USB port.
Turn on the camera.
USB port
USB cable
Making sure that the 2 mark on the camera is 
aligned with the 8 mark of the USB cable 
connector, connect the cable to the camera.
USB/AV port
Large connector
Small connector