Casio EX-Z1 User Manual (en)

Using the Camera with a Computer
Turn off the camera and 
then use the USB cable that 
comes with the camera to 
connect it to your 
• The camera does not draw 
power over the USB cable. 
Make sure the camera’s 
battery is sufficiently charged 
before connecting.
• Make sure that you insert the 
cable connector into the 
USB/AV port until you feel it 
click securely into place. 
Failure to insert the 
connector fully can result in 
poor communication or 
• Note that even while the 
connector is fully inserted, you still will be able to see 
the metal part of the connector as shown in the 
• When connecting the USB cable to a USB port, make 
sure you align the connector correctly with the port.
• Your computer may not be able to recognize the camera if you connect via a 
USB hub. Always connect directly to the computer’s USB port.
Turn on the camera.
The camera’s back lamp will light green at this time. In this mode, your Macintosh 
recognizes the memory card loaded in the camera (or the camera’s built-in 
memory if it does not have a memory card loaded) as a drive. The appearance of 
the drive icon depends on the Mac OS version you are using.
USB port
USB cable
Making sure that the 2 mark on the camera is 
aligned with the 8 mark of the USB cable 
connector, connect the cable to the camera.
USB/AV port
Large connector
Small connector