Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Advanced Settings
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * Review
While Review is turned on, the camera will display a image for about one second 
immediately after you press the shutter button to record it.
• Image review is available only when shooting single images. It does not work with 
continuous shutter.
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * Grid
[r] (REC) * [MENU] * REC Tab * Icon Help
While Icon Help is turned on, a textual description will appear on the display for 
certain icons when you switch between REC functions.
Function Supported by Icon Help
• REC Mode
• Available options for the “L/R Key” setting
Turning on Image Review (Review)
Displaying the On-screen Grid (Grid)
The on-screen grid can be displayed on the REC mode 
monitor screen for easy vertical and horizontal alignment 
when composing images.
Using Icon Help (Icon Help)