Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Other Playback Functions (PLAY)
• A movie that is shorter than five seconds cannot be edited.
• Editing of movies recorded with a different type of camera is not supported.
• You will not be able to edit a movie if the amount of remaining memory capacity is 
less than the size of the movie file you want to edit. If there is not enough memory 
available, delete files you no longer need to free up more.
• Splitting of a movie into two movies and splicing of two different movies into a 
single movie are not supported.
• You also can start a movie editing operation while the movie you want to edit is 
playing back. When playback reaches a frame where you want a cut point to be, 
press [SET] to pause playback. Next, press [2] to display the menu of editing 
options. Perform editing using the same procedures as described above.
[p] (PLAY) * Snapshot Screen * [MENU] * PLAY Tab * 
White Balance
You can use the white balance setting to select a light source type for a recorded 
image, which will affect the colors of the image.
Adjusting White Balance (White Balance)
Outdoors, fair weather
Outdoors, cloudy to rain, in tree shade, etc.
Very high temperature light, such as building shade, etc.
 Day White 
White or day white fluorescent lighting, without suppressing 
color cast
Daylight fluorescent lighting, while suppressing color cast
Suppressing of the appearance of light bulb lighting
No white balance adjustment