Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Using the Camera with a Computer
Precautions for Windows Users
• Except for Adobe Reader, the bundled software requires Administrator privileges to 
• Operation on a self-made computer is not supported.
• Operation may not be possible under certain computer environments.
You can connect the camera to your computer in order to view and store images 
(snapshot and movie files).
To connect the camera to your computer and save files
Turn on the camera and press [MENU].
On the “Set Up” tab, select “USB” and then press [6].
Use [8] and [2] to select “Mass Storage”, and then press [SET].
Turn off the camera and then use the USB cable that comes with the 
camera to connect it to your computer.
• The camera does not draw power over the USB cable. Check the battery level 
before connecting and make sure it is not too low.
• Make sure that you insert the cable connector into the USB/AV port until you 
feel it click securely into place. Failure to insert the connector fully can result in 
poor communication or malfunction.
Viewing and Storing Images on a Computer
USB port
USB cable
Making sure that the 6 mark on the camera is 
aligned with the 4 mark of the USB cable 
connector, connect the cable to the camera.
USB/AV port
Large connector
Small connector
Terminal cover