Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Using the Camera with a Computer
After you finish copying images, disconnect the camera from the 
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
On the camera, press [ON/OFF] to turn off the camera. After making sure that the 
back lamp is unlit, disconnect the camera from the computer.
Windows 2000
Click card services in the task tray on your computer screen, and disable the 
drive number assigned to the camera. Next, after making sure that the back lamp 
is unlit, press the camera’s [ON/OFF] button to turn off the camera and 
disconnect the camera from your computer.
To view images you copied to your computer
Double-click the copied “DCIM” folder to open it.
Double-click the folder that contains the images you want to view.
Double-click the image file you want to view.
• For information about file names, see “Memory Folder Structure” on page 146.
• An image that was rotated on the camera will be displayed on your computer 
screen in its original (unrotated) orientation.
• Viewing a CS image on a computer will individually display the component 
images in the CS group. A CS group cannot be viewed as a CS image on a 
• Never unplug the USB cable, or operate the camera while viewing or storing 
images. Doing so can cause data to become corrupted.
Never use your computer to modify, delete, move, or rename any image files 
that are in the camera’s built-in memory or on its memory card.
Doing so can cause problems with the camera’s image management data, which 
will make it impossible to play back images on the camera and can drastically alter 
remaining memory capacity. Whenever you want to modify, delete, move, or 
rename an image, do so only on images that are stored on your computer.