Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Using the Camera with a Computer
If you are running Mac OS X, you can manage snapshots using iPhoto, which comes 
bundled with some Macintosh products. If you are running Mac OS 9, you will need to 
use commercially available software.
You can use QuickTime, which comes bundled with your operating system, to play 
back movies on a Macintosh. To play back a movie, first copy it to your Macintosh 
and then double-click the movie file.
Minimum Computer System Requirements for Movie Playback
The minimum system requirements described below are necessary to play back 
movies recorded with this camera on a computer.
• The above are recommended system environments. Configuring one of these 
environments does not guarantee proper operation.
• Certain settings and other installed software may interfere with proper playback of 
Movie Playback Precautions
Proper movie playback may not be possible on some Macintosh models. If you 
experience problems, try the following.
– Change the movie image quality setting to “STD”.
– Upgrade to the latest version of QuickTime.
– Shut down other applications that are running.
Even if proper playback is not possible on your Macintosh, you can use the AV cable 
that comes bundled with the camera to connect to the video input terminal of a TV or 
Macintosh and play back movies that way.
• Be sure to move the movie data to the hard disk of your Macintosh before trying to 
play it. Proper movie playback may not be possible for data accessed over a 
network, from a memory card, etc.
Transferring Images Automatically and Managing Them on 
Your Macintosh
Playing a Movie
Operating System : Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
Required Software : QuickTime 7 or higher