Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Other Settings (Set Up)
[MENU] * Set Up Tab * Battery Type
See page 19 for details.
[MENU] * Set Up Tab * Startup
Display the image you want to use as your startup image and then select “On”.
• The startup image does not appear when you turn on the camera by pressing [p] 
• You can specify a snapshot you recorded as the startup image, or you can use the 
special startup image provided in the camera’s built-in memory.
• Formatting built-in memory (page 157) will delete the current startup image setting.
• You can select the first snapshot of a CS group as the startup image. If you want to 
select another image within a CS group, you need to first divide up the CS group or 
use the CS Frame Edit feature to make a copy of the image outside of the CS 
Specifying the Battery Type (Battery Type)
Configuring a Startup Image (Startup)