Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Configuring Monitor Screen Settings
Configuring Monitor Screen Settings
Each press of [DISP] will cycle through display settings that display or hide on-screen 
information and the control panel. You can configure separate settings for the REC 
mode and PLAY mode.
• The control panel is not displayed and display information settings cannot be 
changed during movie recording.
Displays a histogram on the monitor screen which you can use to 
check the exposure of an image before you shoot it. You also can 
display the histogram in the PLAY mode for information about the 
exposure levels of images.
Turning Display Information On and Off (Info)
Information on, 
control panel on
Displays setting information and the control panel.
Information on, 
control panel on, 
histogram on
Displays setting information and the 
control panel, and a histogram (page 158) 
on the left side of the display.
Information off, 
control panel off
Hides setting information and the control panel.
Selecting Monitor Screen and Viewfinder Settings
Each press of the [EVF/LCD] button cycles through the 
available monitor screen and viewfinder on/off settings.
• Both the monitor screen and viewfinder cannot be 
turned on at the same time.
Using the On-screen Histogram to Check Exposure 
Monitor screen