Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Avoid Use While In Motion
• Never use the camera to record or play back images while operating an automobile 
or other vehicle, or while walking. Looking at the monitor while in motion creates 
the risk of serious accident.
Directly Viewing the Sun or Bright Light
• Never look at the sun or any other bright light through the cameras viewfinder. 
Doing so can damage your eyesight.
• Never use the flash unit in areas where flammable or explosive gas may be 
present. Such conditions create the risk of fire and explosion.
• Never fire the flash in the direction of a person operating a motor vehicle. Doing so 
can interfere with the driver’s vision and creates the risk of accident.
• Never fire the flash too close to the eyes of the subject. Doing so creates the risk of 
loss of eyesight.
Display Panel
• Do not apply strong pressure to the LCD panel surface or subject it to strong 
impact. Doing so can cause the display panel glass to crack.
• Should the display panel ever become cracked, never touch any of the liquid inside 
the panel. Doing so creates the risk of skin inflammation.
• Should display panel liquid ever get into your mouth, immediately rinse your mouth 
out and contact your physician.
• Should display panel liquid ever get into your eyes or onto your skin, immediately 
rinse with clean water for at least 15 minutes and contact your physician.
• Never plug any devices that are not specified for use with this camera into 
connectors. Connecting a non-specified device creates the risk of fire and electric 
• Never operate the camera inside of an aircraft or anywhere else where operation of 
such devices is restricted. Improper use creates the risk of serious accident.
Precautions during Use