Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Locations To Be Avoided
• Never leave the camera in any of the following types of locations. Doing so creates 
the risk of fire and electric shock.
– Areas subject to large amounts of humidity or dust
– Food preparation areas or other locations where oil smoke is present
– Near heaters, on a heated carpet, in areas exposed to direct sunlight, in a closed 
vehicle parked in the sun, or other areas subject to very high temperatures
• Never place the camera on an unstable surface, on a high shelf, etc. Doing so can 
cause the camera to fall, creating the risk of personal injury.
Backing Up Important Data
• Always keep backup copies of important data in camera memory by transferring it 
to a computer or other storage device. Note that data can be deleted in the case of 
camera malfunction, repair, etc.
Memory Protection
• Whenever replacing the batteries, be sure to follow the correct procedure as 
described in the documentation that comes with the camera. Incorrectly replacing 
the batteries can result in corruption or loss of data in camera memory.
• Misuse of batteries can cause them to leak, which damages and corrodes the area 
around the batteries and creates the risk of fire and personal injury. Make sure you 
observe the following precautions when using batteries.
– Never try to take batteries apart and never allow them to become shorted.
– Do not expose batteries to heat or fire.
– Never mix new batteries with old ones.
– Never mix batteries of different types.
– Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries.
– When loading batteries, make sure their positive (+) and negative (–) ends are 
facing correctly.
– When using rechargeable batteries, be sure to read the Safety Precautions 
section of the user documentation that comes with them.
– Use only the batteries that are specified for this camera.
– If you do not plan to use the camera for a long time, remove its batteries.