Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Alkaline Batteries
• Should liquid from an alkaline battery ever get into your eyes, take the following 
1. Immediately rinse your eyes with clean water. Do not rub!
2. See a physician as soon as possible.
Failure to clean alkaline battery fluid from the eyes creates the risk of loss of sight.
Rechargeable Batteries
• Should you ever notice any of the following conditions while using, charging, or 
storing batteries, immediately remove them from the camera, and keep them away 
from open flame:
– Fluid leaking
– Emission of a strange odor
– Heat emission
– Battery discoloration
– Battery deformation
– Any other battery abnormality
• Failure to observe any of the following precautions while using batteries creates 
the risk of overheating, fire, and explosion.
– Never use or leave batteries near open flame.
– Never place batteries in a microwave oven, throw them into fire, or otherwise 
expose them to intense heat.
– Make sure batteries are oriented correctly when you load them into the camera.
– Never carry or store batteries together with items that can conduct electricity 
(necklaces, pencil lead, etc.).
– Never try to take batteries apart, modify them in any way, or expose them to 
strong impact.
– Do not immerse batteries in fresh water or salt water.
– Do not use or leave batteries under direct sunlight, in an automobile parked in 
the sun, or in any other area subject to high temperatures.
• Battery fluid can damage your eyes. Should battery fluid get into your eyes 
accidentally, immediately rinse them with clean tap water and then consult a 
• If batteries are to be used by young children, make sure that a responsible adult 
makes them aware of the precautions and proper handling instructions, and make 
sure that they handle batteries correctly.
• Should fluid from batteries accidentally get onto clothing or your skin, immediately 
rinse it off with clean tap water. Prolonged contact with battery fluid can cause skin