Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Battery Life
• The battery lives noted in the User’s Guide are approximate values until power 
fails, based on use of batteries of recommended brands at temperature 23°C 
(73°F), and do not guarantee you will be able to achieve operation for the life 
noted. Actual battery life is greatly affected by the battery brand, battery production 
date, and ambient temperature.
• Leaving the camera on can run down batteries and cause the low battery warning 
to appear. Turn off the camera whenever you are not using it.
• Sometimes, the camera may shutdown after the low battery warning appears. If 
this happens, immediately replace both of the batteries. Leaving low or dead 
batteries in the camera can lead to battery leakage and data corruption.
• Though you could use alkaline batteries when there are no other types of batteries 
available, note that the life of alkaline batteries will be very short. Use of 
rechargeable Ni-MH batteries is recommended.
Data Error Precautions
Your digital camera is manufactured using precision digital components. Any of the 
following creates the risk of corruption of data in camera memory and camera 
– Removing the batteries or memory card while the camera is performing some 
– Removing the batteries or memory card while the back lamp is flashing green after 
turning off the camera
– Disconnecting the USB cable while communication is in progress
– Low battery power
* Note that continued use of weak batteries can lead to malfunction of the camera. 
Replace the batteries with new ones as soon as possible after signs of low 
power appear
– Other abnormal operations
Any of the above conditions can cause an error message to appear on the monitor 
screen (page 180). Perform the action indicated by the message that appears.
Operating Environment
• Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
• Operating Humidity: 10 to 85% (non condensation)
• Do not place the camera in any of the following locations.
– In an area exposed to direct sunlight, or large amounts of moisture, dust, or sand
– Near an air conditioner or in other areas subjected to extreme temperature or 
– Inside of a motor vehicle on a hot day, or in an area subjected to strong vibration