Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Storage Precautions
• Always remove the batteries from the camera when you are not using it. Leaving 
batteries in the camera can cause it to discharge and go dead, which will lead to 
malfunction of the camera.
• Remove batteries from the camera if you do not plan to use it for about two weeks 
or more.
• Store batteries in a cool, dry place (20°C (68°F) or lower).
Battery Handling Precautions
Misuse of batteries can cause them to leak or explode, which damages and corrodes 
the area around the batteries and creates the risk of fire and personal injury. Make 
sure you observe the following precautions when using batteries.
• When loading batteries, make sure their positive + and negative - ends are 
facing correctly.
• Never mix new batteries with old ones.
• Never mix batteries of different brands.
• Use only the batteries that are specified for this camera.
• Never try to take batteries apart and always take care to avoid conditions where 
their two ends can become connected to each other (shorting). Never expose 
batteries to heat or throw them into fire.
• Dead batteries are susceptible to leakage, which can cause serious damage to 
your camera. Remove batteries from the camera as soon as you notice they are 
• Remove batteries from the camera if you do not plan to use it for more than two 
• The batteries that power the camera normally become warm as you use them.
• Use of these battery types is not supported.
A bare battery whose label (insulation) is partially or wholly 
peeled off.
A battery whose negative - pole has a raised area or a battery 
whole negative pole is not covered by a label (insulation).
A battery whose positive + pole is flat.