Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Quick Start Basics
About rechargeable batteries
Use only the rechargeable Ni-MH batteries that are specifically recommended for this 
camera (page 16). Proper camera operation is not guaranteed when other 
rechargeable batteries are used.
• Batteries cannot be charged while they are loaded in the camera.
Checking Remaining Battery Power
As battery power is consumed, a battery indicator on the monitor screen indicates 
remaining power as shown below.
The flash will take longer than normal to charge if it is being used when the battery 
level indicator is showing 
 while “Alkaline” is selected for the “Battery 
Type” setting (page 19).
 indicates that the flash is disabled. Replace batteries as soon as possible.
• The level shown by the battery indicator may change when you switch between the 
REC mode and PLAY mode.
• Leaving the camera for about one day with no power supplied while the batteries 
are dead will cause its date and time settings to be cleared. You will have to 
re-configure the settings after power is restored.
• See page 190 for information about battery life and memory capacity.
• Certain camera operating conditions and battery types can cause the battery level 
indicator to indicate the battery level incorrectly. In this case, the camera may 
suddenly shut down without retracting the lens. If this happens, replace or charge 
the batteries and configure the correct “Battery Type” setting.
Remaining Power
Battery Indicator
Indicator Color