Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

The lens-barrel unit 
is dirty or looks 
A lubricating agent is used to ensure that the lens operates 
smoothly. When the lens is extended, the lubricating agent can 
make it appear as if the lens-barrel unit is scratched. You can 
use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the lubricating agent off, if you want. 
When wiping off the lens-barrel unit, wipe gently taking care you 
do not twist the unit, or push it in, or pull it out. Note that the 
lubricating agent is not harmful to humans.
Display Messages
The camera’s protection function may have activated 
because camera temperature is too high. Turn off the 
camera and wait until it cools down before trying to use it 
Battery is low.
Battery power is low.
Camera not in 
Re-frame the image.
The camera could not go into auto record standby for some 
reason during a Move Out CS or Move In CS operation. 
Compose the image again with the boundary aligned 
correctly (page 83).
Cannot find the file.
The image you specified with the slideshow “Images” 
setting cannot be found. Change the “Images” setting (page 
112) and try again.
Cannot register any 
more files.
You are attempting to save a user BEST SHOT scene in 
the “SCENE” folder when the folder already contains 999 
user scenes.
There is something wrong with the memory card. Turn off 
the camera, remove the memory card and then reload it 
into the camera. If this message re-appears when you turn 
the camera back on, format the memory card (page 157).
• Formatting a memory card deletes all its files. Before 
formatting, try transferring recoverable files to a 
computer or some other storage device.
Check connections!
You are attempting to connect the camera to a printer while 
the camera’s USB settings are not compatible with the USB 
system of the printer (page 124).
Possible Cause and Recommended Action