Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

The card is locked.
The LOCK switch of the SD or SDHC memory 
card loaded in the camera is in the locked 
position. You cannot store images to or delete 
images from a memory card that is locked.
There are no files.
There are no files in built-in memory or on the memory 
There are no 
printing images.
Set up DPOF.
There are currently no files specified for printing. Configure 
the required DPOF settings (page 127).
There is no image to 
The setup you are trying to save is for an image that cannot 
be saved as a user BEST SHOT scene.
This card is not 
The memory card loaded in the camera is not formatted. 
Format the memory card (page 157).
This file cannot be 
The file you are trying to access is corrupted or is a type 
that cannot be displayed by this camera.
This function cannot 
be used.
• You attempted to copy images from built-in memory to a 
memory card while there is no memory card loaded in 
the camera (page 122).
• You attempted to divide up a CS group while a file that is 
not a CS group is displayed (page 107).