Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Built-in memory capacity after formatting
The above values are based on use of a PRO HIGH SPEED SD memory card 
(Panasonic Corporation). The number of images you can save depends on the type of 
memory card you are using.
RAW+ is the total file size of the RAW file and 10M (3648
2736) JPEG file. The image 
quality setting applies to the JPEG file only.
Recordable time when the entire movie is recorded at 30 fps. Recording time is shorter 
if the 30 fps frame rate is switched to 120 fps or 240 fps during recording.
• Snapshot and movie recording capacity values are approximate and intended for 
reference only. Actual capacity depends on image contents.
• File size and data rate values are approximate and intended for reference only. Actual 
values depend on the type of image being shot.
• When using a memory card with a different capacity, calculate the number of images as a 
percentage of 1GB.
• The time it takes to play back a high speed movie will be different from the time it takes to 
record it. If you record a 240 fps high speed movie for 10 seconds, for example, it will 
take 80 seconds to play it back.
• Each movie can be up to 10 minutes long. Movie recording stops automatically after 
10 minutes of recording.