Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Quick Start Basics
• Each country controls its local time offset and the use of summer time, and so they 
are subject to change.
• Removing the batteries from the camera too soon after configuring time and date 
settings for the first time can cause the settings to be reset to their factory defaults. 
Do not remove the batteries for at least 24 hours after configuring settings.
Though the camera has built-in memory that can be used to store images and 
movies, you probably will want to purchase a commercially available memory card for 
greater capacity. The camera does not come with a memory card. Images recorded 
while a memory card is loaded are saved to the memory card. When no memory card 
is loaded, images are saved to built-in memory.
• For information about memory card capacities, see page 183.
– SD Memory Card
– SDHC Memory Card
Use one of the above types of memory card.
• Use only SD cards that are compliant with the SD Card 
Association specification.
Memory Card Handling Precautions
Certain types of cards can slow down processing speeds, and even can make it 
impossible to store High Quality movies correctly. Also, use of certain types of 
memory cards slows down data transfer and increases the time it takes to record 
movie data, which can result in movie frames being dropped. The Y indicator on the 
monitor screen turns yellow to indicate that frames are being dropped. In order to 
avoid problems such as these, use of an Ultra High Speed Type SD memory card is 
recommended. Note, however that CASIO makes no guarantees about the operation 
of any Ultra High Speed Type SD memory card used with this camera.
If you make a mistake configuring display language, date, or time settings with the 
above procedure, refer to the following pages for information about how to correct 
the settings.
– Display language: Page 152
– Date and time: Page 151
Preparing a Memory Card
Supported Memory Cards