Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Quick Start Basics
Using Quick Shutter
Fully pressing the shutting button without waiting for Auto Focus to operate will record 
using Quick Shutter (page 99).
• With Quick Shutter, the camera focuses faster than normal Auto Focus, which 
means you can capture quick moving action more easily. Note, however, that some 
images may be out of focus when Quick Shutter is used.
• Whenever possible, take a little extra time to half-press the shutter button in order 
to ensure proper focus.
If the image does not focus...
If the focus frame stays red and the back lamp is flashing green, it means that the 
image is not in focus (because the subject is too close, etc.). Point the camera at the 
subject and try to focus again.
If the subject is not in the center of the frame...
“Focus lock” (page 54) is a technique you can use when you want to shoot an image 
in which the subject to be focused on is not within the focus frame in the center of the 
Continuing to keep the camera still, 
press the shutter button the rest of the 
way down.
This records the snapshot.
Shooting a Movie
Refer to the following for details about movie recording.
Standard movie (STD movie) * page 65
High-definition movie (HD movie) * page 67
High speed movie (HS movie) * page 68
Snap (Image is recorded.)