Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Quick Start Basics
Use the following procedure to view snapshots on the camera’s monitor screen.
• For information about how to play back movies, see page 104.
• For information about images recorded using continuous shutter (CS), see page 
Press [p] (PLAY) to enter 
the PLAY mode.
• This will display one of the 
snapshots currently stored in 
• Information about the 
displayed snapshot also is 
included (page 12).
• You also can clear the information to view only the snapshot (page 158).
• You can zoom in on the image by sliding the zoom controller towards z (page 
109). If you are recording a snapshot that is very important to you, it is 
recommended that you zoom the image and check its details after recording it.
Use [4] and [6] to scroll between images.
• Holding down either button scrolls at high speed.
• Half-pressing the shutter button while in the PLAY mode or while a menu screen is 
displayed will switch directly to the REC mode.
Viewing Snapshots
[p] (PLAY)