Casio EX-FH25 User Manual (en)

Snapshot Tutorial
Snapshot Tutorial
Selecting a Recording Mode
Your camera has a variety of 
different recording modes. Before 
shooting, use the mode dial to 
select the recording mode that suits 
the type of subject you are trying to 
 Flash CS
This mode will record consecutive images while firing the flash. See page 56 for 
 Normal Speed CS/High Speed CS (Prerecord CS)
With Normal Speed CS, the number of consecutive images you can shoot is 
theoretically unlimited, as long as there is memory available to store them. Also 
note that the maximum shooting speed of Normal Speed CS is limited by the 
type of memory card you are using and the camera setup. See page 57 for 
With High Speed CS, the camera continues to shoot images as long as you 
keep the shutter button depressed, and you can change the shooting speed 
while recording is in progress. You can record up to 30 images. In this mode, 
half-pressing the shutter button starts continual pre-recording of images to a 
temporary buffer. Then when you press the shutter button the rest of the way 
down, the camera saves the buffer contents and perform real-time continuous 
shutter recording of new images until you release the shutter button. See page 
58 for details.
• Note that even if the mode dial is set to Õ (High Speed CS), High Speed CS 
image recording is not possible while “Normal Speed CS” is selected for the 
“CS” setting (pages 57, 58).
 Single Shot
Continuous shutter recording is disabled when this mode is selected. Each 
press of the shutter button records a single image. See page 26 for details.
Mode dial
Snapshot Modes
Movie Modes